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September 9, 2013

The Final Farewell

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This is it.

After two years of enjoying retirement and actually having a successful life, during summer I was full of nostalgia of the fun times I had two-three years ago as a Watex Warriors leader. I also wanted to see how Club Penguin armies evolved, and I wanted to bring the Watex Warriors back to the Top Ten due to the 18 month drought of not reaching the Top Ten. During these four weeks, I found out that there are many negatives to how Club Penguin armies have evolved, but there have been a few specks of positives that I am willing to share.

The main negative that I found today was that everyone is greedy for a high rank in armies and every leader would do anything to get his or her army to the top of the Top Ten, whether it means bribing soldiers with xats and ridiculously high ranks, going on five bar servers and overexaggerating the army’s size, or even recruiting on Club Penguin and Club Penguin chats 24/7, literally. When I saw how some leaders led their armies, I was disappointed at some of the strategies that these leaders used. In my own terms, I would consider bribing soldiers to be cheating. If leaders are going to recruit, they might as well do it fairly without involving ridiculously high ranks and gifts full of xats. Many others that we call army hoppers have either demanded a ridiculously high rank that clearly doesn’t suit them or were bribed by army leaders to join. When it comes down to soldiers demanding high ranks in Top Ten armies, I become frustrated due to the fact that they are clearly inexperienced but receive high ranks that other hard working soldiers that slowly move up the ranks deserve. Going up the ranks serves a purpose: it gives the soldier more and more experience and builds leadership skills in the soldier. It also connects the soldier with the army and helps him or her build a relationship with that army. Greed in Club Penguin armies need to be stopped.

In the Middle Ages of the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Club Penguin armies, the top armies truly deserved to be the top since the top army leaders had the true leadership skills to lead the army. And due to the fact that these leaders were very experienced, people joined those armies since they highly respected those leaders. People during these times didn’t join for high ranks; hell, they sometimes didn’t even care if they had a low member rank. What they really wanted was to be in an army led by a leader that the soldiers truly respected. That’s how I was able to lead the Watex Warriors from an average of 5-7 soldiers to an average of 20-30 soldiers. The soldiers that joined were dedicated (yes, there were actually people who were dedicated in Club Penguin armies) and wanted to help me bring the Watex Warriors to huge sizes. They joined because they knew that I was a very capable leader (and so was Cewan) and because I was very likable. Army hopping was very rare in 2010 and 2011 and usually didn’t happen often (except for Hurricanex1, that’s a different story). And some of the soldiers that slowly progressed up the ranks of the Watex Warriors later became really successful and knowledgeable leaders. Want some examples? How about Danny9632 and Chrisi Blule who led the Nachos or 1a3t who assisted Ioioluk bring the Light Troops to the top? Yeah, they all went up the ranks in the Watex Warriors and other armies to become very successful leaders.

There was a positive side to contrast all of the negatives however. The most important positive was that I was able to reconnect with old friends and also meet some new ones as well. I’ve met some new friends (Donut6789, Bepboy9), caught up with some old ones (Pinkgirl3919, Mrgpv, Bluesockwa1), and seen friends that I haven’t seen since 2010 (Latte, Harvin13, Roehf). I’ve also been able to realize how Club Penguin armies are evolving and how they are different today, such as seeing the Army of Club Penguin almost fall out of the Top Ten. It may be hard to see for those that have been in armies from 2011 to 2013, but yes armies are evolving slowly. There are also some specks of the desire to keep Club Penguin Warfare alive. People have found ways to bypass the strict Club Penguin speech filters and therefore have continued to bring new people to Club Penguin armies. Although recruiting has gone overboard today, Club Penguin Warfare has been kept alive by the deceptive yet clever ways of recruiting.

On a side note, I want to especially thank some people for showing the true characteristics of dedicated soldiers. Obviously Fluffyboy3 and NickoCP show true dedication. Fluffy’s first main army was the Watex Warriors in 2010, and he has been dedicated to the Watex Warriors ever since. Although he moved on to the Army of Club Penguin when this army closed a year ago and he still “begs” for Watex Warriors Legend status, Fluffy has kept this army as his priority. He even rejected to become a temporary leader or a 2ic of the Army of Club Penguin so that he can stay in the Watex Warriors. I’m really proud of you Fluffy. I also want to point out NickoCP’s dedication as well. Nicko’s first army was the Watex Warriors, and it has been the ONLY army he has ever been in. If he wanted to, he could have been in a second army and easily become leader of a Top Ten army like the Nachos or Army of Club Penguin by now. Why? Because he is a really capable leader who is very knowledgeable. But instead he keeps the Watex Warriors as his sole army. When I was leader in 2011, I didn’t even want to give Nicko an owner rank just because he lives in the United Kingdom. But as Club Penguin armies accept the development of United Kingdom and AUSIA divisions, he makes the perfect United Kingdom leader. Nicko spent four years in the Watex Warriors and just recently became a leader a month ago and as a temporary one as well. He didn’t even join another army when the Watex Warriors closed in 2012. Nicko shows true dedication. I want to thank Fluffy and Nicko for being true role models of what Club Penguin armies should really be about.

I also want to thank others in the Watex Warriors for still caring about this army, even though we were recently in a huge slump. Thank you Jessie for still caring about this army and being an amazing recruiter. Disco70s, you only came back to help out a bit, but I love how you still care about the Watex Warriors. Thank you Dpd2000 for also keeping the Watex Warriors as your priority, and thank you Peachynite1 for keeping the Watex Warriors as your sole army and caring a lot for this army, even with your lower rank. I was actually surprised when I visited the Watex Warriors to see that some people like Jessie, Nicko, and Fluffy still care about the Watex Warriors.

Although Club Penguin armies are somewhat corrupted, I want all armies to keep the fun in being in a Club Penguin army. This is my first wish that nobody is going to listen to. Some armies and leaders have already taken that simple privilege away. But Club Penguin armies were made to make Club Penguin more entertaining, not to satisfy a dictator’s greed to make him or herself a legend. It’s a really simple promise, yet some leaders can’t even keep it. Hell, some leaders don’t even know what fun is. As Club Penguin armies become more and more corrupt, I ask that some armies keep the fun and joy of being a soldier of an army. Don’t force soldiers to recruit people to your army; do it yourself. And stop trying to build up your army at times; add some chat raids and chat parties instead of the usual training and recruiting sessions. Fun events actually existed in 2009 and 2010, yes I know it’s hard to believe for some people who are new to armies. For your information, good leaders aren’t those that recruit and bribe to get their army to the top. Good leaders are those who build relationships with all of their soldiers and know how to make the right decisions while keeping the fun in armies.

I also want everyone in this army to continue to build the Watex Warriors. We have three leaders that are very underrated yet very talented in different aspects. Jessie is probably one of the best recruiters I’ve seen, and she’s a really dedicated soldier as well. Nicko has true leadership skills, and I expect him to have a huge impact in this army’s growth. Fluffy, well we all know Fluffy. He’s probably the nicest leader in all armies today, and he is really good at leading. Fluffy has already been a huge part of the Watex Warriors anyways. These three leaders will lead this army to success, I know it. As long as everyone in this army stays dedicated and optimistic, this army will continue to grow since the leaders are already doing their parts. To be honest, I didn’t bring this army to the Top Ten. Jessie, Nicko, and Fluffy have done more than me to bring this army back to the Top Ten. That’s why I think that they are very capable leaders.

This will be the last time that I will be in an army. You will never see me in the ranks of an army ever again. I don’t even want to go on Club Penguin today, but I do it because of the few events I have to attend. My last event is the Practice Battle on September 9th, and I hope a lot of people from all of the many Club Penguin armies attend so that it becomes a memorable event for me. Starting September 10th, I won’t go on chats as much. There will be times where I’ll be on for four days straight, and there will be other times where I’ll be on chat once every few months: it just depends. It’ll be like the last two years where it would be hard to find me on chat.

Close friends that I’ve met can still talk to me by using Kik. (Obviously my username is Wexfief.) If you’re not a very close friend, I probably will barely Kik you so be warned. If anyone needs to inform me of an emergency in Club Penguin armies or something special, feel free to Kik me. I’ll be willing to help stop any injustices in Club Penguin armies, if I have the time.
Thank you everyone for all the memories, and best of luck to everyone. Thank you friends, allies, and enemies for everything you have done. Everyone, good or bad, has had a huge impact in my career here in Club Penguin armies.


That was then, this is now.



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