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June 15, 2011

My Retirement Post 9-19-2011

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NOTE: This was originally supposed to be posted on my birthday: September 19, 2011. However, I did retire on my birthday.

Today may be my 15th birthday, but it’s also the day I retire from Club Penguin Warfare.

“It is finished.” – Jesus (John 19:30)

Table of Contents

  • 1. Music Videos (to listen to while reading)
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Journey
  • 4. Accomplishments
  • 5. Friends/Best Friends
  • 6. Funny Pictures
  • 7. Lessons Learned
  • 8. My Final Words

1. Music Videos (to listen to while reading)

2. Introduction

Today, I leave behind my legacy and my Club Penguin identity. Club Penguin has been great but I’m afraid I have to bid farewell. I have no time for this, and I have better things to do. I was able to accomplish so much, and I hope you will all remember me. I have been WW leader long enough, and it’s time for someone to step up and make history. I promised myself that I would retire by the time I turn 15, and the day has come.

3. Journey

I originally joined Club Penguin December 4, 2006. I went on my friend’s account and my friend and I started trolling other penguins online that day. I made my penguin that day, which you know as Wexfief. I was really into the name “Wexfief” since my friend created that name in 3rd grade for his Pokemon game, and I really liked that name. Anyways, when I made Wexfief, the confirmation email did not send. It would be another month until I would make Wexfief again. I went online and got the Apple Pin in the Pizza Parlor, January 4, 2007. CP would be great, and I would enjoy playing it until Disney destroyed it.

I first started my Club Penguin Cheats website September 14, 2008, which you may know is https://wexfief.wordpress.com . At first, there wasn’t much success. A month later I made the site, Snowy1900 became friends with me. By the end of 2008, I reached over 3,000 hits. But more and more people would become friends with me and my site became very successful, averaging 200 hits per day. I would later reach 60,000 hits, but I would quit posting about Club Penguin Cheats by then.

My first battle that I saw on CP were between the Ice Warriors and the Nachos. I do not remember when this occured, and I did not know that these were Club Penguin Armies. On January 27, 2009, my friend, Snowy Kittey, would make an army called the Snow Crushers. However, the army did not work so I joined Sabres’ Ninjas February 2, 2009, which would later become the Brown Banditos ( http://sabresninjas.wordpress.com ). This would be my first official army. I was a noob so I did not know about the Xat Chats and due to the fact that BB was at was with the Club Penguin Rulers Army (with 50 Cent254 as the leader), I would spam noobish comments on their site. I would also create the Lime Green Bunnies in the February of 2009, but failed.

Ever since the March of 2009, Vicxyz kept bugging me about joining the Watex Warriors. I would never listen until I stalked Vic one day to http://xat.com/zeecrayonbox . He was there due to the fact of the old chat group of WW ( http://xat.com/wwarmygroup ) being glitchy. That day, I became friends with Lucario564, Bleu Missy, and Saiyaman. A couple days later, I would join WW July 23, 2009. I became inactive first but starting August of 2009, I became a very active Captain. I would recieve a promotion to a mod rank in December, and I would later own a 3ic spot during the New Year’s promotions.

When I joined WW, I decided to remake the Lime Green Bunnies. It was a bit successful at first, where LGB declared war on the Pizza Fan Army, but we decided to merge into the PFA after Cowtail5 and I became friends. I would help PFA somewhat, and I would change the name to the Pizza Army (Pizzas). However, very few soldiers were active so we merged into the Hot Sauce Army, which were our enemies before. I would get the rank of 3ic during the time when HSA became a Top 10 army. I was involved of getting HSA to the 4th place spot. However, when I earned the spot of 2ic, HSA had a rebellion against Hypermext54, which would create the 2nd generation of HSA and the fall of HSA.

I was a 2ic of WW for months. I was as active as I could during the Luc, Bri, and Boomer reign, where we would reach 3rd in the Top Ten, WW’s highest. I would step down to Advisor in the May of 2010 due to DCP’s temp. merge and the leaders not wanting me to become a leader. Basically in the first half of 2010, I was rejected. The leadership of WW between January and June of 2010 chose 8 different leaders, and me not being one of them. I was really upset and focused somewhat on the Crystal Warriors, Kenni Tram’s army. After working on CW and leaving, CW would be a Top Ten army for a few weeks.

Luc came back to help WW (again) in the Summer of 2010. However, Luc would close WW for a plan to revive WW. When he returned, he would help bring WW to the 5th place spot with Bri and retire once again. Bri would keep WW alive as a Top Ten army. However, Bri would retire August 28, 2010 and give me her leadership spot. Finally, I had a chance to prove myself. WW was in utter distruction. NW would invade Tundra, our capital, leading to our dark ages. We would still be alive but Luc and Bri kicked Lje out of his leadership spot and Luc, Bri, and I would bring WW to the 5th place spot, again. During this time, a whole bunch of armies tried to invade Snowbound, our backup capital, but no army was successful. We would go through many wars with DCP, TG, DW, and other armies but we would always stand as the victors. Luc would retire again of course and the leadership of Bri, Mgm, and I would make WW grow stronger, earning sizes over 30 per battle.

Bri would retire and Mgm would step down to Advisor and WW would fall once again. Luc would come back again but Green, Cewan, and I would kick him out and bring WW to the Top Ten once again. WW would fall again but as Cewan left, the leadership of Green and I would reconstruct WW and hire Gambler as leader. Gambler would leave suddenly, and Green would become inactive. Wolf was promoted to leader, and we rose WW to 6th place, maxing over 20. WW would fall once again. Green would retire, and Luc would rejoin as leader. And we end up at the present day.

4. Accomplishments


  • Watex Warriors Leader
  • Hot Sauce Army Leader
  • (Roman) Fire Warriors / Ninjas 4ic
  • Crystal Warriors Leader
  • Army of Club Penguin 7ic
  • Ranger Troops Advisor
  • Club Penguin Army Central Reporter


  • Led an army to 5th and 6th place (WW)
  • Led an army with over 30 soldiers (WW)

5. Friends/Best Friends

There are too many people I want to thank for my time in Club Penguin Armies but I will only write thanks to a few of my best friends in the Club Penguin Army World. If you are not on this list, I still remember you. You don’t have to be written down here to be remembered, but in my thoughts, I will remember everyone that I have befriended.

Watex Warriors

Vicxyz1097, Lucario564, Saiyaman Xc, Greenday9991, Bleu Missy, Pinkeypiebea, Pinkgirl3919, Kenni Tram, Scampi Bri, Mgmbl311, Lje98, Ark428, Alpha1, Gambler21777, Diaa Lofti, Santa0704, Wii Mountain, Uga77, Zapdos255, Wec1596, Antimatter2, Raven511426, Cpkid8888 (iWolf), Disco70s, Poppymelt, Snowbomb545, Jordandare, Braveboy124, Cewan (Starrk), Mattybon, Goliath619, Fluffyboy3, Master Rebel, Magma Boy, Goldshadow7, 4455ashpie (Ace), Hurricanex1, Elimz, Fivestartaco, Chaos42, Radwan006, Darkrider90, Crash, NickoCP, Danny9632, Boomer 20, 381nascar, Bottlefanta, Roehf, Solrida, Beast, Thano9, Swemaj11, Fever5121, Beaver, Skater12312, Random (Northweezy), Keith09, 1a3t, Teadan, Khimo, Moka Fuzz, Aznkid124, Popcorn (Cheng), Danthemanr1, Tempah, Shad, Chrisi Blue, Cheeko Cool1, Blueman0609, Tyler71267, Baddragon360

Hot Sauce Army

Dudex229, Glass, Scampi Bri, Panthers Bas, Chuckisthe2, Sara, 381nascar, Cowtail5, Poppymelt, Jazz, Latimer, Beary165, Justin, Hyper, Dalton, Red Turtle

(Roman) Fire Warriors / Ninjas

Pringle64, Pochoma123, Scampi Bri, Crash, Latte, Joshua9999, Funkiflurrz, Etac14, Tomb147, Josephp3, Linklovr, Alpha1, Twi Zonez

Crystal Warriors

Kenni Tram, Jcm21, Yukoyube, Spyguy202

Army of Club Penguin

Mchappy2, Bobcatboy10, Kenneth1000, Flipper7706

Club Penguin Army Central

Sklooperis, Woton


Jerry2cool, Iceyfeet1234, Shaboomboom, Gord17, Tanman626, Person1233, Super Paco24, Atm 23, Karakoran, Vince, Vendetta, Riotors, Cierra2347, Hershey658, Gill1097, Rugrat93, Gadunka345, Articsledder, Kingfunks4, Bluesockwa1, Saw, 57to, Snow Nick, Ads354

*NOTE: I obviously forgot some people. It was really hard making this list.

Best Friends (NOTE: I’m only choosing a selected few.)

Vicxyz: You’re the one who introduced me to the Watex Warriors, and helped me navigated my way throughout Club Penguin Warfare. I’ve known you from Club Penguin Cheats, and I really have to thank you for everything, although we had many fights.

Lucario564: You tought me everything about leadership. You didn’t even have to teach me a thing. I just had to watch you lead. You’re a really great friend.

Scampi Bri: We met at HSA, and you got into WW from the merge. You’re probably one of the coolest I’ve ever met. We talk a lot to each other, and you also helped me with leadership as well. You’re one of the top on my best friends list overall.

Saiyaman Xc: Funny Mexican guy. You really helped me settle into WW, and we’ve been close friends ever since. You’re like the funniest loser to be around.

Greenday9991: When I first met you, I thought you were a girl (dunno why). But we’ve known each other ever since I joined WW. You’re a random but funny guy, and I’m glad we got to know each other.

Mgmbl311: The most quiet of the quiet. You’re like the nicest girl ever. I’m really glad we got to know each other well in 2010.

Lje98: British loser. We had a lot of arguments, but we’ve known each other for quite a long time.

Poppymelt: You followed me everywhere (stalker). CP Cheats to CP Armies, you’ve always been a great friend of mine, supporting me in the armies I’m in.

Disco70s: CP Cheats noob. You’re a great friend to be around. We’ve known each other in CP Cheats, and we’ve been great friends every since. It sucks that you can’t go on Xat anymore.

Cpkid8888 (iWolf): You’re such a loser. We met at CP Cheats, and we went to CP Warfare at around the same time. But I’m glad that we met.

Pringle64: Funniest guy ever. I will never find another person like you. You’re basically the reason why I joined RFW.

Dudex229: You helped me a lot in HSA. You were always there for me, and you’re an awesome guy.

Pinkeypiebea: CP Cheats to CP Warfare once again. We’ve “dated” and that was actually worth it, except the waste of xats =P You’re a really nice girl.

Pinkgirl3919: Blonde. I love messing around with you, but we’ve been great friends in WW. You’re really cool.

Kenni Tram: You’re really random and such. I just wish that you didn’t disappear. We need to talk again. Great WW buddy. We rose through the ranks together. Good times.

6. Funny Pictures

(click to enlarge)

(some pictures may be inappropriate to some viewers. viewer discretion is advised)


teamredfail2-1.png image by Wexfief

My Three Awesome Stories that you MUST Read!




7. Lessons Learned

Throughout my time here, I learned some lessons. First of all, I learned not to be power hungry. It’s only a game, and people shouldn’t be overly obsessed with getting their army to the number one spot (which almost never happens). I also learned how this is only a game, and how we shouldn’t be causing flame wars and crap. This is for our entertainment, and we should only earn fun from this game. Lastly, I learned that earning higher ranks isn’t as important as helping your army rise. When I became owner in the January of 2010, I didn’t get promoted to leader until over eight months later. Eight different people beat me to the leadership spot. However when I became a leader, I proved every leader (*cough Luc, Bri, Vic, Lje cough*) that I was meant to be a leader. I showed them how great of a leader I was, and eventually I became a WW Legend. I want to show you that when you become an owner rank, work hard to become a leader, and don’t quit, even if you don’t become leader for months. Work hard in your army, and you will be rewarded.

8. My Final Words

These are my last words that I will post as a Watex Warriors leader. First of all, I won’t have a successor, but I do have suggestions: Hurricanex1 or Master Rebel. You can have a poll, but I don’t care what you do. Secondly, I want to remain as an admin on the site due to the fact that I will still help this army once in a while. I also want to keep my ownership on chat, which is no problem. Lastly, I want everyone to strive harder to make history for WW. Someone in this army right now will rise out to be the next Wii, Luc, Bri, or Wex. That person will make history and become a legend. Who will it be? You can decide.

January 29, 2009 – September 19, 2011

For the last time as a Watex Warriors leader,

That was then, this is now.


PS: Word count: 2241



  1. Nice post infact the video is quite good and impressive.

    Comment by SEO — November 18, 2013 @ 4:14 am

  2. bruhhhh i jus saw this shit, hope u doin well, maybe we’ll reconnect some day. hmu if u got snapchat @osnapitzam

    Comment by Yukoyube — May 16, 2018 @ 1:22 am

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