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September 9, 2013

The Final Farewell

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This is it.


June 15, 2011

My Retirement Post 9-19-2011

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NOTE: This was originally supposed to be posted on my birthday: September 19, 2011. However, I did retire on my birthday.

Today may be my 15th birthday, but it’s also the day I retire from Club Penguin Warfare.


May 3, 2011

The War for Peace

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NOTE: This post was originally finished July 12, 2010. Many inaccurate information exist.

Lje and I are awesome at making stories so respect it.

This is NOT a comedy.

So much hate is going on and I wish it would lighten up a little. Also, there has been A LOT of flaming wars and usage of bots.

So I made this story.

NOTE: In this story, Disney controls CP as the world’s government.

A couple good songs that can help show the theme of this story are:

  • Uprising – Muse
  • This is War – 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Alright – Pilot Speed

This is a pretty long story so look for Bold Text for titles just in case you have to leave in the middle of the story. Chapters are dates.

November 7, 2010

The world of Club Penguin is in corruption. Armies often raid others, causing much disruption. Uprisings are against Disney, the World’s Government. Much violence springs up from the curropted world. It’s November 7th. The top ten of this time is as follows:


DCP is 11th but still very big in size. UMA is pretty big as well. Other armies not listed are small.

There are two alliances : The Orange Union consists of WW, GT, Nachos, RFW, and SF. The Warrior Association consists of IW, TG, DCP, NW, and IT. The rest are neutral. Luc and Icey are leaders of their alliances. A world war has not started yet. These alliances so far are only agreements that they will never attack each other.

Well, let’s get back in the story.

In the Watex Warriors base, it is unusually quiet. The radio is usually teeming with 30 Seconds to Mars. Mgm, out of nowhere, says quietly, “I think I hear something…” Suddenly, yellow uniforms come into the WW base and starts yelling stuff such as, “WW FAILS”, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH”, and “RAID RAID RAID”. They tip over the Watex Warriors TV, and they start ruining the entrance of the base. Lje gets a gun and starts shooting it at the yellow uniforms from the second floor. They leave quickly. “Whew, that was close,” said Lje.
Luc hollered from his office, “Okay, I am sick of this. I’m going to declare a full flight war on the Warriors. Wex, can you contact AC…” Bri screams from nowhere, “NO LUC. I AM NOT MAKING AN ALLIANCE WITH ACP!” Luc walks to Wex and replies, “Fine. Wex, can you please just contact ACP to see what they’re up to? No news has come out from them for a while.” Wex, a retired WW Hall of Famer, is currently the Technitian of not just WW, but Club Penguin Nations as well. Wex looked at his computer, typed some words, and spoke in his microphone, “Hello? Hello?” He turned to Luc and said, “Luc, I am getting no transmittion from ACP.” Luc replied, “How strange… Oh well I guess. Tomorrow, we invade the Warriors.”

November 8, 2010

Luc contacted all the army leaders of the Orange Union and brought them into the WW base for a meeting. All agreed to the invasion, except Pringle as he was eating a can of Pringles and he couldn’t hear anything from the crunchiness of his chips. All leaders also agreed to invade IW’s beloved major city of Frozen, well, except Pringle.

The Union closed into Frozen. WW and GT from the East, Nachos from the North, and RFW and SF from the Northeast. As they closed in, they saw all of the Warriors there. Sai mumbled, “This is going to be a tough one.” The battle begun. Each side got their machine guns ready and fired at each other at the Town. Both sides were heavily guarded with shields. Luc yelled, “Let’s go! Let’s go!” The Union moved on and the Warriors followed them. Bullets in the Forts were flying across rapidly. This was no laughing matter. At the Forts, a few from each side got shot down. After what seemed like a long time, the Union moved on to the Plaza. The firing was as bad here. A couple citizens got shot down. In this room, more soldiers got shot down. After the Plaza, the Union moved to the Forest and the Cove. At the Cove, Swemaj got shot down. “Swem, you okay?!” yelled Flipper. “Yeah, just got shot in the leg.” After 15 minutes of firing, Spice yelled, “We surrender!” The aftermath was almost even on both sides, the Warriors having two more shot down. Late that day, Pinkey, who retired from WW, at the WW base, picked up a recent copy of the CPAC newspaper and sighed.

November 9, 2010

The Union invades TG’s capital : Ice Bound. Swemaj is fine but he can’t battle for two weeks.

Like yesterday, as the Union closed in into Ice Bound, the Warriors were waiting at the Dock. Once the Union was ready, Luc yelled, “Fire, fire, fire!” Right then, three Warriors got shot down, one of them being Swanbiff, a leader in TG. A few TG started to gather around Swan. The Union had no mercy however. They kept firing bullets through machine guns. Billy Mays screamed, “LET’S KEEP MELTING THESE WARRIORS!” The Warriors quickly started to retreat to the Plaza, bringing their injured. Anti yelled, “Let’s hunt them down!” Right then, bombs from the sky fell on them. Screams of “WOAH”, “[censored]!”, and screams of pain rang out. Vend hollered, “WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM?!” The air raid continued. Bri yelled, “Everyone back to Tundra!” Icey yelled to his alliance, “Everyone to Sub Zero!” They ran to their capitals, leaving the dead in the snow.

Suddenly as they were running back, Chaos collapsed from the impact by the explosions of the bombs. “Chaos!” Wolf yelled, and he ran where Chaos collapsed. Kenni looked up in the sky and screamed, “MOVE AWAY!” Out of nowhere, a bomb exploded where Chaos and Wolf were. “NOOO!” Magma yelled. “We have to move on guys,” Vic said calmly.
63 Union and Warrior soldiers died along the way back to their bases, including Ganger, Tomb, Ruggy, Nick, Vick, Panthers, and Wwebestfan. Dan almost got killed but Kenni threw a rock at him to get him moving. It was a disaster for all nations. There were air raids everywhere all around the world, not just at the Union and the Warriors. But the question was, who did this?


November 10, 2010

The Watex Warriors had a meeting in thei conference room. Owner ranks and retired legends came to this meeting. Luc said, “Does anyone have idea about who is responsible for this mess?” Bri said scornfully, “I bet it was ACP ….” Luc replied, “You wish.” Wex, who was at the meeting, was searching for clues about the air raids through his laptop. Wex suddenly looked at his screen closer. Houndy questioned, “Wex, what’s up?” Wex said, “I’m looking at a camera and there’s something not right…” Green commented, “So is it ACP?” “I doubt,” replied Wex. “I got transmittion from only one camera and it seems as if a furry creature is … um, throwing penguins in a prison!” Lje exclaimed, “WHAT?!” “Yeah, and there are some dead penguins lying on the floor. Also, there are a variety of bots from different armies on the other side of the prison that are being used, well, they are being reformed!” “Who is the leader Wex?!” Vic shouted. “The transmittion is really bad here… I can’t tell.” Suddenly, the telephone rang. Lje picked up the phone and said, “Watex Warriors base.” In the background, guns and bombs exploding were heard. Lje exclaimed, “No way… Uh huh… Okay.” He hung up. “Luc, Spice called and he says that he needs help.” Luc replied, “Screw TG.” Wex calmly said, “Luc, if we want to beat the stupid robots that their leader stole, we all have to team up. You know how much I hate TG. But this would really help us defeat him.” Luc mumbled, “Mmmmm….. Fine. Just until this is over. So Lje, what’s happening?” Lje replied, “Well, the robots invaded Team Gold and Spice is asking all armies for help.” “Mmhmmmm, okay. But I might regret doing this in the future,” said Luc.
“Okay, here’s what we’re going to do,” commanded Bri. “Green, Pinkey, Swemaj, and the rest of the members will protect the WW base, just incase bots raid here.” “Aww,” said Nicko. “I wish I could go.” Bri continued, “The rest of us will help TG. According to Wex and Lje, all armies in the Union and Warriors are helping TG. There are a couple smaller armies such as UMA that are helping as well. Wex wants to help out with this so Swem will be the temporary technitian.” “Let’s start this thing!” Uga yelled.

The TG nation is next to WW so it didn’t take long to get there. Once WW came into the TG nation and neared the capital of Ice Bound, the soldiers saw buildings in ruin and dead penguins lying around. Kenni commented, “Eww” WW finally reached Ice Bound.

It was a complete mess. Penguins were running everywhere. Many were dead on the ground. Bri saw Chuck on the ground on top of his favorite machine gun. Bri said, “No, not Chuck. These robots will pay!” Bri saw all the armies mixed together, shooting their guns while a couple robots fell here, and a few penguins collasped there. The Nightclub was on fire, the Coffee Shop was totally damaged, and clothes and paint were everywhere. Wex saw Poppymelt lying on the ground, dead, and was really stunned. Luc yelled, “Start firing at the bots!” WW hid behind debris from the Coffee Shop and started firing. It was a total disaster. Every few seconds, more and more bots appeared. “Luc, this is impossible!” shouted Anti. “How we will kill them all?!”. Mgm said, “Have hope Anti, have hope.” Suddenly a bomb dropped where RFW and DCP were. Some ran away while other penguins flew from the explosion. The ones that flew all collasped on the ground and didn’t move at all. “No way,” Danny whispered.

After 15 minutes of firing, the amount of bots started to get smaller but it was still very far from over. Suddenly from the bots, a huge amount of bombs fell. “WATCH OUT,” Vic yelled. Two bombs exploded around where WW was. “AHHH,” Uga hollered. What seemed like an hour of bombardment of bombs finally ended. When all the smoke cleared, all the bots were gone. Fire sprewed everywhere, the sky was very cloudy with black clouds, and worse of all, all of Ice Bound was destroyed. Wex said, “It’s finally over.”
Many penguins were on the floor, dead. Luc looked to see who was dead from WW. The biggest loss from WW were Houndy and Danny, who were on top of broken coffee boxes. Four other mod ranks were dead as well. Lje went up to Houndy to see if he was really dead. Wex got up and walked around Ice Bound.

Wex went to where GT was, at the Ice Rink. Most of the alive GT soldiers left but some were still there. Wex saw Flipper crying and asked, “What happened?” Flipper replied, “Sssaa…. Sai died.” Wex backed up and said, “No. No way…,” and he ran away from the Ice Rink.

When WW returned to their base, the west side of the base was destroyed. Green came running out of the base with lots of bruises. Luc yelled, “What happened?” Green replied, “I don’t remember. All I remember is that there were tons of explosions and that I blacked out for a few minutes.” WW quickly ran into the base. As WW went in, they saw that Pinkey and Swem were fine. A couple penguins were still under the rubble. Most members were out but a large number were taken out of the rubble, dead. Uga looked at a familiar face and yelled, “Magma!” He ran up to Magma to see if he was okay. Uga mumbled, “He’s dead….”

The aftermath of this was very severe. The IT, SF, DCP, and RFW lost just about 80% of their soldiers due to the fact that most of the bombing was at the Forest and the Cove, where all four armies were.

November 11, 2010

It was really quiet in the WW base. No one dared to move from their rooms. Wex, in his room with Pinkey, was trying to search up where Herbert was located so that they could end this problem once and for all. Wex suddenly exclaimed, “No way…” Pinkey questioned, “What happened?” Wex replied, “I found out where the bots’ leader is located! He’s in the ACP base!”

“Okay,” said Bri. “We’re going to go to the ACP base with a few other armies to stop the leader and his bots.” “Who does it include?” asked Emmy. Lje thought “who gives”. Bri replied, “Well, there’s actually only GT, IW, and TG helping due to the fact of yesterday’s results. Also all the leaders from Nachos, NW, and DCP died so they can’t really do anything. Anyways, I want all members to protect our base again today with Green, Pinkey, and Swem.” “What… again…?” Nicko said.

WW met with GT at Permafrost, the main harbor of the WW nation. They gathered into a boat and sailed to ACP island. No one dared talk in the boat. They all stared in the sky, wondering what will become of them.

When WW and GT arrived, they met IW and TG sitting along the shoreline. They nodded and walked up the mountain where on the peak, the capital, Breeze, lies.

When the armies arrived at Breeze, they figured out that all the penguins ditched the city. It was a total mess. The ACP base was right in the middle of the peak. They walked up to the base and went inside.

It was really quiet. The lights were out. Everyone clumped together in a formation so that no penguin turned their back in the darkness. Spice thumped into something and whispered, “I think I found the door.” Luc said to everyone, “We fight for our lives here. If we don’t win today, our world will collaspe. Now let’s go in there and kick some robot butt!” Spice rammed the door down and everyone ran it. Flipper yelled, “Everyone move on! Move on!” A few soldiers shot all the robot guards and ran after the rest into the next room. In the next room, a huge number of robots looked at the soldiers. “Oh, crap,” muttered Anti. All the soldiers starting shooting at the robots behind boxes while the bots shot back. A few robots fell. All of a sudden, Emma and Riotors collasped. “Oh my god,” Lje said, and he went where they were. Luc yelled, “We have to move on!” A couple soldiers finished shooting the robots and ran after everyone else. They ran on for a while and Vic yelled, “That’s the ACP command room over there! The leader has to be there!” Luc said, “Okay, I’m going to go fight him off.” Iceyfeet interrupted and said, “I’ll go too Luc.” Luc looked at him, sighed, and replied, “Icey and I will fight off the leader. Lje, Bri, and Artics will guard the entrance to the command room. Spice and Flipper, I want you to lead the rest into ACP’s prison over th..” Luc was interrupted when suddenly, a sound of a bullet rang out and Mgm fell down on the floor. Matty quickly shot the robot in the head and it fell down as well. Wex and Bri quickly ran to Mgm. “Mgm, are you alright?” Wex questioned. “Yeah, I’m fine Wex…… Thanks,” Mgm replies. She groans and Bri quickly responds, “Mgm, it’s gonna be alright. Just don’t die now. Don’t die, oh God please don’t die.” Mgm whispered, “I’ll be fine Bri. I’m just gl-… glad that I’ve been in…. WW..” Mgm closed her eyes and never moved a muscle again. Bri fell on top of Mgm, crying. “We have to get moving you two,” Disco said. Bri got up and said through her tears, “You’re right. Let’s go guys.” Everyone went where Luc assigned them to go.

[The following two events happen at the same time.]

Location: ACP Prison

When the soldiers walk into the prison, they saw a majority of green penguins on the floor, dead. The rest of ACP were behind bars, protected by the bots. Spice hollered, “ATTACK!” Everyone loaded their guns and started firing them violently. Many robots fell down but that was not enough to kill them all. More and more robots kept appearing. Vic yelled, “This is impossible!” Wex and Uga were at the entrance of the prison, making sure that robots didn’t come in that way. A robot suddenly appeared right behind Uga and slashed him right in the back. Uga collapsed and Wex shot the robot in the head. Wex went up to Uga, shaking him and yelling, “Uga! Uga snap out of it!” Wex yelled for Vic and Disco and told them to watch the door. Then he called for Flipper and said, “Let’s free all the ACP soldiers. It would help us a lot.” Flipper nodded and they ran towards the DCP robot that was protecting the switch to the prison doors. Wex hollered, “Hey you! Look over here!” It looked at Wex and right then, Flipper came up from behind and whispered to the robot, “Lays are much better than Doritos,” and he shot it in the head. Wex jumped over the robot and pressed the switch. All of the remaining ACP soldiers came out, got machine guns that “dead” bots were holding, and started shooting the bots along with the rest of the soldiers. The number of bots started to drop. In a short amount of time, only four bots remained. The soldiers killed them all easily and celebrated. 19 out of 67 soldiers died, unfortunetly, and that included people such as Mchappy, Uga, and Disco. The worse was over though. The soldiers celebrated but suddenly from the ACP intercom, Icey came on and said, “Guys, get to the command room NOW.” Everyone left the prison and went to see what was wrong.


Lje and Bri slammed the doors of the command room open for Luc and Icey. Luc and Icey entered the command room and saw a figure on a chair opposite of them, turned away. “Well, hello,” the shady figure said. The shady figure chuckles. “Well, everyone knows who I am of course.” He turns around. Luc and Icey gasped. “I am Herbert, that ‘stupid’ polar bear that you hate.” [Editor’s Note – It makes total sense why I chose Herbert. No, I will not change it to some noob] “What do you really have against penguins?” Luc questioned. Herbert replied, “You guys are always so cheerful and so innocent, well, until I found out about your armies. I thought that if CP Armies were dead, then I could conquer all of Club Penguin! -Also, I eat penguins for dinner.-” Icey responded, “Well, you’re dream won’t come true.” Luc and Icey take out their shotguns and fire at Herbert. Herbert dodges and takes out a few weapons. “Would you like an AK-47, Machine Gun, or a bomb. Hmm, I will give you a bomb!” He lights the bomb up and throws it at Luc and Icey. “Watch out!” Luc yells. Herbert chuckled. “Well, I don’t have just robots out there. I have a few robots … ” Herbert clicks a button. “Here!” Suddenly, three robots fall from above next to Icey. Icey yelled at Luc, “I got this Luc! You go and kick Herbert’s ass!” Luc nodded and ran behind a computer module. Luc got out his shotgun and fired at Herbert from behind the module. One bullet hit Herbert in the foot. He falls down but he gets down quickly. Herbert gets a shotgun himself and fired at Luc’s, destroying the gun. Luc got out his pocketknife and ran towards him. Herbert fired bullets but Luc dodged them easily. Luc charged right at Herbert and knocked Herbert’s gun out of his hands. Luc swept his knife at Herbert but he dodged it easily. After a few more swipes, Herbert tripped over something. Luc got on top of him and said, “Any last words?” Herbert suddenly grabbed another shotgun and shot it right below Luc’s left shoulder. Luc yelled a scream of pain. As he fell, he threw his sword right at Herbert’s heart. Herbert suddenly gasped for a breath but collasped on the floor, dead. Icey, who finally destroyed the three robots, ran up to Luc to see if he was okay. Icey ran up to the intercom and yelled, “Guys! Get in the command room NOW!”


Everyone piled in the command room. Bri went up to Luc, who was on the floor, and yelled, “Luc! Are you okay?” Luc replied, “Ye..(He groans)…yeah I guess so.” Lje told Luc, “Luc, good job on beating Herbert. You did great.” Luc replied, “Thanks.” Wex yelled, “Luc, don’t die now. WW needs you.” Luc said in return, “Wex, my time is up. Bri, it’s your turn to take care of the army.” Bri replied, “No Luc. You can’t leave.” Luc said, “Bri, it’ll be okay. I’ll be in heaven with Watex and everyone in WW that died.” [Editor’s Note : On September 19th, during Wex’s birthday party, Mimo ran behind Watex and shot him in the head. He later got arrested but unfortunetly, was proven innocent because the jury was mostly filled with CP Cheat noobs in aqua.]. Icey told Luc, “Please, don’t leave.” Luc went on, “Thank you everyone, thank you. … Bri, work hard in WW…..” Luc collapsed on the floor, dead. Pinky cried, “Luc! No…”

November 12, 2010

The curroption is over. The world is quiet as all nations are rebuilding since all armies are now either very small or dead. Riots are over. Uprisings are finished. Luc’s funeral and everyone else’s funerals were held that day. As the song “This is War” says, “It’s a brave new world.”


Some notes from this story.

  • *The final battle happened during Veteran’s Day.
  • *This story has a message telling NEVER, EVER use bots.
  • *Flaming wars destroyed the CP world, enabling Herbert to get pretty far in his dominence.
  • *The riots, flaming wars, and uprisings started early July of 2010 [present day]

I hope that all of you that read this will learn a HUGE lesson from this story.

Please spread the word of this story to different armies, whether they are enemies or allies, big or small, to teach everyone a lesson.

These flaming wars are useless. This is a freaking game. If you lose a battle, you lose. Don’t make crappy excuses.

And also, bots are pointless. Soldiers are more important than having bots and winning.

Stop this crap NOW.

That was then, this is now.


January 13, 2011

Proposition 14

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Due to much confusion on how an invasion works, I will be making this post to create a solution to this mess.

Here are the invasion rules that I propose to create a solution:

Proposition 14

  • Law I. To claim a room, it must take a minimum time span of 5 minutes.
  • Law II. A minimum of 5 rooms must be successfully claimed to take possession of the server.
  • Law III. The army invading must have 2 servers originally invaded to invade an army.
  • Law IV. A minumum of 2 major rooms must be claimed. Major rooms are the Ski Village, Beach, Dock, Town, Snow Forts, Stadium, Plaza, Forest, and Cove.
  • Law V. A minumum of 5 people present must be in the army to have rooms invaded, reclaimed, or defended.
  • Law VI. To reclaim a room, the defending army must remain in the room for 5 minutes without facing opposition, meaning the invading army must be in a different room.
  • Law VII. To defend a room, the invading army must be smaller than the defending army. After the invading army tries to claim the room, the defending army can counter the failed claim with a defence.
  • Law VIII. The time limit to invasions is one hour.
  • Law IX. Once the invading army claims 5 rooms successfully, the invading army wins possession of the server.
  • Law X. Rules made must be followed. These are rules made by the invading army such as No Allies, No Bots, No Spying, etc.

The leaders of the following armies must accept or deny Proposition 14. If 9 out of these 13 armies accept, this proposition will pass.

  • ACP:
  • NW:
  • Nachos:
  • IW:
  • UMA:
  • IV:
  • WW:
  • FW:
  • DW:
  • AR:
  • DCP:
  • TG:
  • RPF:

If you have any objections or suggestions, feel free to comment them here!

December 2, 2010

Round Robins

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Group A – ACP, UMA, DW

Group B – NW, IW, DCP

Group C – Nachos, WW, AR

Group D – TG, RFW,

Monday, Dec. 6th

  • Group A Battle 1 – ACP vs. DW
  • Group B Battle 1 – NW vs. DCP
  • Group C Battle 1 – Nachos vs. AR
  • Group D Battle 1 – TG vs.

Tuesday, Dec. 7th

  • Group A Battle 2 – UMA vs. DW
  • Group B Battle 2 – IW vs. DCP
  • Group C Battle 2 – WW vs. AR
  • Group D Battle 2 – RFW vs.

Wednesday, Dec. 8th

  • Group A Battle 3 – ACP vs. UMA
  • Group B Battle 3 – NW vs. IW
  • Group C Battle 3 – Nachos vs. WW
  • Group D Battle 3 – TG vs. RFW

Thursday, Dec. 9th – Tie Breakers (All armies in a group battle each other for 10 minutes)

Saturday Dec. 11th
*Group A 1st Seed vs. Group B 2nd Seed (Battle 1)
*Group C 1st Seed vs. Group D 2nd Seed (Battle 2)
*Group B 1st Seed vs. Group A 2nd Seed (Battle 3)
*Group D 1st Seed vs. Group C 2nd Seed (Battle 4)

Sunday Dec. 12th
*Winner of Battle 1 vs. Winner of Battle 2
*Winner of Battle 3 vs. Winner of Battle 4

Saturday Dec. 18th
*3rd Place Battle

Sunday Dec. 19th

No Allies
No Bots
Only the Dock, Town, Forts, and Plaza will be used. (Skloop, you can change this but use only 3-5 rooms and don’t use the Stadium. It’s a total mess.)

November 17, 2010

2010 End of the Year Tourney

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This would be a tourney similar to the World Cup. The games will be separated by a lot so it really won’t interfere with armies.

  • This tourney would last pretty much all of December.
  • There will be four groups : Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D.
  • Three armies will be in each group.
  • Each battle will last 30 minutes and there will most likely be two battles during a day. This does not mean that there will be a battle everyday.
  • Each army in the group will battle each other once, a round robin. That means each army will have two battles. If there is a three-way tie [due to the fact that there is no way a two-way tie can occur], the three armies will battle each other for ten minutes on a scheduled battle where the smallest army will be eliminated.
  • The third place armies in each group will be eliminated; therefore, the “Playoffs” will include eight armies.
  • In the quarterfinals of the playoffs,
    • 1st Place of Group A will verse 2nd Place of Group B [Battle 1A]
    • 1st Place of Group C will verse 2nd Place of Group D [Battle 1B]
    • 1st Place of Group B will verse 2nd Place of Group A [Battle 1C]
    • 1st Place of Group D will verse 2nd Place of Group C [Battle 1D]
  • In the semifinals of the playoffs,
    • The winner of Battle 1A will verse the winner of Battle 1B [Battle 2A]
    • The winner of Battle 1C will verse the winner of Battle 1D [Battle 2B]
  • In the third place matchup,
    • The loser of Battle 2A will verse the loser of Battle 2B [Battle 3]
  • In the finals,
    • The winner of Battle 2A will verse the winner of Battle 2B [Battle 4]
  • [I will make a chart for you later on].

Yes, I pretty much copied the format of the World Cup 😛

The armies that will be entered will be …

  • ACP
  • NW
  • IW
  • Nachos
  • WW
  • TG
  • DCP
  • UMA
  • DW
  • AR
  • RFW
  • RPF, FGR, or someone else

I would also like CPAC to help host this as the Winter Tourney. Also, I will need unbiased judges as well.

October 27, 2010

All-Star Battle

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NOTE: Please post this on your army sites 😛

This is always something I’ve always wanted to do. This also has been accepted by Iasgae56 this past summer.

The all-star battle is like an all-star game in sports! 15 people will be on each team. These people will be voted in. There will be one leader and three co-leaders, if the leader cannot come. The two team will be Primary Colors (Blue) vs. Secondary Colors (Orange). Armies in black will be in the SC and UMA will be in PC.

In this first round, you will vote in people to be in the poll for the all-star teams. You will vote for one person per team. However, you may not vote for someone in any of your armies.

Also, the people nominated are owner ranks in armies that have recently been in the top ten.


Primary Colors:

Roman Fire Warriors

  • Pringle64 – Nominated
  • Pochoma123 – Nominated
  • Latte
  • Fireballds
  • Kj Bulldogs1
  • Scampi Bri
  • Etac14

Underground Mafias Army

  • Wgfv
  • Berat2beti
  • Neos
  • Spikeike9
  • Magma Boy
  • Max/Cas
  • Hurricanex1
  • Sercan 44444
  • Zzmasterchf
  • Bmf7364
  • Blacktoons
  • Daft Punk
  • O1pwnz
  • BuckleyBeans
  • JD112
  • 8rockhopper1
  • Shadowclub6
  • Zayer
  • Wasteboy119
  • Micro Ice
  • Chrisangel64/Twitch

Team Gold

  • Tj Crooks45
  • Spice Ice116
  • Rioters
  • Ace/4455ashpie – Nominated
  • Swimmy Blue
  • Jerry
  • Dan Za Man1
  •  Freezypink
  • Lotus In Red
  • San Chivas
  • Cheezepleeze
  • Kanye East
  • Alienpop
  • Recoz9
  • BluDeoxys23
  • Trackdude20
  • Lilhuk
  • Liva148
  • Teamgold10
  • Tristin Kali99
  • Flame
  • 11cartoons77
  • Snow Nick
  • Sasgirl910
  • Scaryplane
  • Monster47345
  • 123Nico26
  • Beast
  • Nich
  • Ekpenguin
  • Trackdude20
  • Rico20819
  • Bobbyzachk
  • Jordansh11

Mysterious Freedom Warriors

  • 77hockey
  •  Rapid867
  • Spiff313
  • Lje98 – Nominated
  • Ashes1627
  • Ladtom2
  • Skyfish
  • Nascarman43
  • KyL
  • Flare
  • 123nic26
  • Billy Mays

Crystal Warriors

  • Jcm21
  • Spyguy202
  • Jackwitt
  • Yukoyube
  • Chrisangel64/Twitch
  • Wexfief

Ice Warriors

  • Iceyfeet1234
  • Rugrat93/Ruggy
  •  Articsledder
  • San Chivas
  •  Emploneon
  • Gadunka345
  • Albert417
  •  Gord17
  • Honkzo6
  • Eyes2
  • Hershey658


Secondary Colors:


  • Wwebestfan
  • Motoxjohn
  • Khimo98
  • RMStitanic91
  • Bam117
  • Crazyhightec
  • Alfrondo146
  • Freezepop992
  • Army Man 09
  • Blast179
  • Bja Tc Md Gd
  • Dan Za Man1
  • Aaronstone42
  • Aninjaboy
  • Speed79
  • Teddy50405
  • Talex831
  • Thumbee
  • Smsm3
  • Zoo889
  • ItsDan
  • Rey626
  • 2344blakie
  • Nachozman124
  • Chatosush
  • Pinky25005
  • Arseus1215
  • Gtudsd
  • Superbo bo 4
  • Cobra13124
  • Benji912
  • Gadunka345


  • TanMan626
  • Billy Mays
  • 50 Cent254
  • Wolfie1215
  • Linkin55
  • Wwefreak123 /Joker
  • Zayer
  • Pwner1
  • Folay

Watex Warriors

  • Scampi Bri
  • Wexfief
  • Mgmbl311
  • iNightwolf
  • Poppymelt
  • Antimatter2
  • Ark428
  • Vicxyz1097
  • Greenday9991

Army of Club Penguin

  • Bobcatboy10
  • Mchappy/Icey Cold27 – Nominated
  • Kenneth1000
  • Noka11
  • LittleGuy04

Night Warriors

  • Vendetta – Nominated
  • Tomb147 – Nominated
  • Vince/Cowboysfan13

Rebel Penguin Foundation

  • Ashes1627
  • Karakoran
  • Chapa23
  • Omega39

Legends in each army are allowed to battle during this event.

To nominate someone, comment the following: 

  • Name:
  • Army/Armies you are in:
  • Your nomination for Primary Colors:
  • Your nomination for Secondary Colors:


Also, if someone already voted for someone that you wanted to vote for, it is recommended that you vote for another person. Common sense.


August 14, 2010

Petition : ACP Should Be Disqualified

Filed under: Club Penguin — Wexfief @ 6:13 pm

Comment here if you think ACP should be disqualified for disrupting two battles in the last two days 😆 [This is not a hate post.]


August 2, 2010

Join the Lime Green Bunnies

Filed under: Club Penguin — Wexfief @ 7:33 pm

Well, the Lime Green Bunnies are open again! If you want to join [and see Wexfief] , go to http://lgbarmy.wordpress.com/join . Check the site everyday at http://lgbarmy.wordpress.com for events and our chat is http://xat.com/LimeGreenBunnies .


July 30, 2010

How Low Can Disney Go?

Filed under: Club Penguin — Wexfief @ 2:32 pm

Well, I figured out that all of Club Penguin may become all members only by the end of next year, well, maybe nonmembers can just go around CP, not buy anything, not play games, etc.

I found out today that five games, which were all nonmember games at one point, are now members only for part of the game. These games include Jet Pack, Thin Ice, Astro Barrier, Catchin Waves, and Aqua Grabber. In these games, you can now only play a “demo”, unless you are a member.

Great, first the members only parties and rooms, but now this? Disney, how low can you go? You will kill us all.


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